Rigged state lotteries alone prove that the illuminati TOTALLY control government, "opposition" and media in the US and EU

December 16, 2004

Government Jackpot Lottery Fraud - exposed first time by Matt Marriott, Nov. 23, 2004

November 23, 2004, as I exposed "Juan Rodriguez", incredibly I also realised, by looking in the web, that there was NOT ONE page that explains the underlying mechanism of fraud: how the goverment takes the big jackpots - till the last cent.
Although there are probably more than one billion people playing lottery around the world, one simple trick explains why all major lotteries in Illuminatziland are now rigged. The only major  exception is El Gordo in Spain,with public and not computerized drawings, thanks to tradition of the last 190 years, with children from the same school drawing the balls live in front of a large audience.

I had never checked the web before to see if there was a page exposing it, because I was 99% sure that it was the case.
Once again I underestimated the current degree of brain wash ...

The specialists were also not able or willing to use the hints to find the trick:
State lottery - government fraud exposed, January*6,*2005

The two tricks - the right numbers and the "winners" - are explained in the link I gave in that thread, the same given above:
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The right jackpot numbers
The key is, like for the core lie of 9/11, computers. From page 1:
Congratulations. You took the right path for the first step of the fraud.

Step 1 - After the computer scanned all the paper, all combinations choosen are known.
The hints for Steps 2 and 3 are given in page 3. Again the only reason why people don't realise it, is, like with CNN and the inserted plane, the failure to understand that ALL mass media is controlled by the same people:
"Check the similarities with another great hoax - how the government made people believe that two airliners impacted the WTC towers.
And keep in mind that this hoax is staged weekly, and as I pointed out before, it is still shown "live" on TV, in some countries..."
Step 2 - Using previously recorded thousands of cuts of each ball exiting the tubes, a video sequence is quickly put together, for a combination that NOBODY selected. Background music suggests it is uninterrupted.
Step 3 - the video tape is broadcasted in TV as "live" drawings.

The "winners"
The "winners" - are explained in the first post of page 2:
Of course part of staging the fraud includes from times to times giving a face to a jackpot winner.
Since the media is totally controlled by the goverment, there is no risk that the "winner" will be exposed as an actor.
The "story" of "Juan Rodríguez" ($149 Million Lottery Winner Had Just 78 Cents in Bank) is the ultimate example to show that the government can tell ANYTHING about the "winner".

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