Rigged state lotteries alone prove that the illuminati TOTALLY control government, "opposition" and media in the US and EU

January 13, 2012

Rigged Lotteries Powerball Megamillions, & Euromillions 7 year old story

Reminder from Jan 2012:
As of today, as for the last 7 years, angelic Google returns the TRUTH as either #1 or at least one of the first results if you google the obvious.

Rigged Lotteries Powerball Megamillions, & Euromillions - the incredible 7+ year old story that any 7+ year old child can immediately get

Now over 7 years since it was first exposed by Last Prophet Matt in Nov 2004.

1. Pick from computer a combination that nobody picked.
2. Mix cuts of balls spinning around and exiting the "wheel of fortune" (A) with the cut of each ball part of the "winning" pick coming to a stop at the end of the tube (B).
EVERYONE can see that each ball exiting the wheel is NOT rolling down the tube, or in other words the camera changes, there are ALWAYS TWO seperate sequences.
What the B type of cuts does not show: somebody manually introduced the ball before it started to roll down that tube.

Background music and the TV presentator with an angelic face repeating that "it is all under control" is all it takes to convince the human cattle that the ball spinning in the wheel is the same ball rolling down the exit tube...

Note that the A type of cuts don't need to be recorded each time.
They are stored in a previously recorded set, all with the exact same duration to the milisecond, hundreds of takes for each number.
So the computer can AUTOMATICALLY assemble the whole video using as only input 
- the sequence in which the numbers should exit the spinning wheel
- the takes of type B, recorded on the spot, for the balls manually introduced in the tube.

Rigged state lotteries alone reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics and "justice"

if you google the obvious then the truth is result #1 since Nov 2004:

Aug 2012 - Illuminati jokes about fattened UK human cattle playing Euromillions: Britain's biggest lottery winners: Pig #1 and #2 played by same actor
Includes link detailing how illuminati rig TV lottery "drawings".

Powerball billion jackpot psy-op and mockery at the end of the show
Illuminati jokes: REPEAT Powerball soars, largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever UNTIL 1 BILLION and beyond.

Illuminati jokes: REPEAT Powerball soars, largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever UNTIL 1 BILLION 
More than just mockery of simulated reality to terminate the show, alias the world as the human cattle knows it: it's also a ...
Psy-op preparing for "hyperinflation" 
The BIG BANG, launched with the staged arrest of the Obama Bin(nla)den's presidency.
Another ongoing "numbers" psy-op, this time using the deflating not inflating tactic, "oil price below production costs", will be terminated immediately after the BIG BANG: gas prices will be multiplied by 5 within ONE day, to start with.
Last Prophet's words from Jan 6, 2016, one day before the specified  LOOP started.
In other words: days before the jackpot soared to 1,5 billion or twice the previous record.


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