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Rigged state lotteries alone prove that the illuminati TOTALLY control government, "opposition" and media in the US and EU

December 18, 2012

German beer and Spain's El Gordo exceptions: same KEY: exactly the same procedure

German beer and Spain's El Gordo lottery: End Times exceptions with same KEY: exactly the same procedure
Sep 26, 2016 - Will the lottery that really holds the title of the biggest jackpot will still be drawn for the 204th time? The KEY to the answer is what's going on in Aleppo.

Jan 2016 - three months before German beer's KEY number will become 500 and one month after Spain's El Gordo lottery became 203: 
Shortly after what in the BIG BANG full script was "El Gordo's very last draw", the illuminati just stripped El Gordo from one of its titles, using the "$1.5 billion Powerball jackpot".
After reading this you'll know the reason (other reason for the "new world's jackpot record" in BASICS link). 

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Dec 18, 2012:
The day that the KEY number to El Gordo's exception becomes 200:
End Times Exceptions: El Gordo lottery and german beer: same KEY
Spain's El Gordo lottery, the biggest worldwide, is one of the End Times exceptions, but second to german beer's exception number, which is currently at 496.
Gambling is only systematically rigged in the Age of End Times Computers.
The reason that Spain's El Gordo, "coincidentally" world's second oldest lottery, is the ONLY chance to become a millionaire by gambling, is because it's ALSO the only one that didn't enter that Age.
As for ALL german beer as the only exception to not rigged beer, the reduced KEY is the same "coincidence".
But in the beer's context the word goes beyond rigged: poisoned, to be more precise.

Why Germany is the only area of the IV Reich where illuminati aren't already poisoning human cattle with beer:
it's not because of illuminati's love for germans.
It's the same reason as for why the El Gordo lottery in Spain stands for the only real lottery jackpot in the IV Reich: keeping the exactly same procedure.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery (officially Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad or simply LoterĂ­a de Navidad is a national lottery. 
It has been organized every year since 1812 by a branch of the Spanish Public Administration, now called LoterĂ­as y Apuestas del Estado. 
The Spanish Christmas lottery is the second longest continuously running lottery in the world. 
As measured by the total prize payout, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is considered the biggest lottery worldwide. 
In 2015, with 18 million pre-printed €200 tickets to sell, the maximum total amount available for all prizes would be €2.52 billion (70% of ticket sales).
The total prize for the first place El Gordo ("the big one") jackpot would be €720 million
The draw
Since December 18, 1812, the Christmas Lottery drawings are held according to exactly the same procedure each year.

Germany raises glass to 500th anniversary of beer purity law
April 22, 2016

Sulfites in Wine and Champagne illustrates one misconception about Illuminati religion

2009: Why Spain was picked to break European lottery's record, 126m euros jackpot (Euromillions v El Gordo)

Illuminati lottery: jackpot LOOP algorithm: Last Prophet predicted and above all explained the extension (largest U.S. jackpot ever) at the end of the show:
Posted days before the jackpot soared to 1,5 billion or twice the previous record.
Jan 2016 - Illuminati jokes: REPEAT Powerball soars, largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever UNTIL 1 BILLION .. and beyond. 

Jan 20, 2017
6666 New York Win 4 Lottery Pick on Trump's inauguration predicted and more importantly, FULLY EXPLAINED - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE

January 13, 2012

Rigged Lotteries Powerball Megamillions, & Euromillions 7 year old story

Reminder from Jan 2012:
As of today, as for the last 7 years, angelic Google returns the TRUTH as either #1 or at least one of the first results if you google the obvious.

Rigged Lotteries Powerball Megamillions, & Euromillions - the incredible 7+ year old story that any 7+ year old child can immediately get

Now over 7 years since it was first exposed by Last Prophet Matt in Nov 2004.

1. Pick from computer a combination that nobody picked.
2. Mix cuts of balls spinning around and exiting the "wheel of fortune" (A) with the cut of each ball part of the "winning" pick coming to a stop at the end of the tube (B).
EVERYONE can see that each ball exiting the wheel is NOT rolling down the tube, or in other words the camera changes, there are ALWAYS TWO seperate sequences.
What the B type of cuts does not show: somebody manually introduced the ball before it started to roll down that tube.

Background music and the TV presentator with an angelic face repeating that "it is all under control" is all it takes to convince the human cattle that the ball spinning in the wheel is the same ball rolling down the exit tube...

Note that the A type of cuts don't need to be recorded each time.
They are stored in a previously recorded set, all with the exact same duration to the milisecond, hundreds of takes for each number.
So the computer can AUTOMATICALLY assemble the whole video using as only input 
- the sequence in which the numbers should exit the spinning wheel
- the takes of type B, recorded on the spot, for the balls manually introduced in the tube.

Rigged state lotteries alone reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics and "justice"

if you google the obvious then the truth is result #1 since Nov 2004:

Aug 2012 - Illuminati jokes about fattened UK human cattle playing Euromillions: Britain's biggest lottery winners: Pig #1 and #2 played by same actor
Includes link detailing how illuminati rig TV lottery "drawings".

Powerball billion jackpot psy-op and mockery at the end of the show
Illuminati jokes: REPEAT Powerball soars, largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever UNTIL 1 BILLION and beyond.

Illuminati jokes: REPEAT Powerball soars, largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever UNTIL 1 BILLION 
More than just mockery of simulated reality to terminate the show, alias the world as the human cattle knows it: it's also a ...
Psy-op preparing for "hyperinflation" 
The BIG BANG, launched with the staged arrest of the Obama Bin(nla)den's presidency.
Another ongoing "numbers" psy-op, this time using the deflating not inflating tactic, "oil price below production costs", will be terminated immediately after the BIG BANG: gas prices will be multiplied by 5 within ONE day, to start with.
Last Prophet's words from Jan 6, 2016, one day before the specified  LOOP started.
In other words: days before the jackpot soared to 1,5 billion or twice the previous record.

May 1, 2008

Never posed questions reveal illuminati TOTAL control

Rigged state lotteries alone IMMEDIATELY reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics and "justice"
Questions that illuminati media will never pose, not to mention will never discuss:
TV "drawings":
- Why is the number of lottery jackpot "winners" NOT announced immediately after?
- why isn't the public allowed to watch?
- why do the odds for each "drawn" combination decrease with the increase of the jackpot sum, or in other words with the number of bets?
In other words: why does the "drawn" combination gets weirder as the "jackpot" increases.
Jackpot "Winners":
- why only exceptionally do they get a public face? Reminder: almost all winners of Spain's El Gordo, world's largest lottery drawn in public, don't remain anonymous.
- why do almost all "winners" who get a public face state that they don't want to change their lifestyle, starting by their house, because they love the neighbors and so on?

Rigged state lotteries, apes are 99% human hoax: SAME basic TRICK - contrast with prestidigitators

UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control

Slot machines software specification same as claw machines.
Handing money vs handing stuffed animals - the ONE real difference:

2014: 10 years after it was exposed, didn't delete it, just locked it.

March 8, 2007

Illuminati MEGA jokes playing the lottery - warning this is NOT a joke

While playing lottery with their sheeple, the illuminati tell them jokes about how they fool them. In particular when they litterally play lottery to fool them with the state lottery jackpot, they make three basic types of jokes:
- about the lottery drawings trick;
- about the probabilities of winning the jackpot;
- about the lucky jackpot "winners".

Below some examples of the joke of the day illustrating these three types. My comments about the  Joke of the day for March 7th 2007, which was about the time required to find out how many got the jackpot:
Results 1 - 6 of about 7 for how government lottery fraud mattmarriott. (0.22 seconds) from a few billion pages... ASCII, not bitmaps... each one in average a few times larger than a few dozen bits...
A bit: 0 or 1; or the difference between the official story (odds of winning the MEGA Jackpot being 1 in 176 million) and the real story (odds of winning the MEGA Jackpot being 0).

Joke of the day for March 7th 2007 - about the trick, in this case how long it takes to get a key that nobody used
At least two people hold winning tickets for the world's largest-ever lottery jackpot of 370 million dollars, a sum that ballooned over 15 drawings with no winner.
The winning combination of 16-22-29-39-42 and the mega ball number 20 was recorded on two tickets purchased in Georgia and New Jersey, a statement on the Mega Millions website said Wednesday. The holders have not yet been identified.
Final results were not yet available due to "the unprecedented number of Mega Millions tickets purchased for the Tuesday" drawing, the officials said. (archived)

Joke of the day for April 03, 2007 - about the probabilities
Manitoba woman wins $1-million jackpot again, National Post
The odds of winning a lottery are high, but what are the odds of winning more than once?
A Manitoba woman must be exceptionally lucky. Phyllis Thomas of Peguis has scored her second million-dollar prize from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Ms. Thomas won her first million dollar jackpot in March 2005.

Joke of the day for November 23, 2004 - about the "winners"

A former parking-garage attendant, Juan Rodriguez bought the ticket for the Nov. 19 2004 Mega Millions drawing just two days after declaring bankruptcy. He had a slew of creditors and only 78 cents in the bank.
Added to the joke, December 6, 2004: "The wife of Mega Millionaire Juan Rodriguez has filed for divorce, demanding her slice of the $149 million jackpot even before the check has been cut to her hubby. That would amount to nearly $30 million, since Juan, who opted for a lump-sum payout, will get about $60 million after taxes."

Notes - updated
2008: "Sex offender wins $57 million lottery jackpot", a joke of type  "about the winner", used to pass to the human cattle the messages: "Sexual crimes pay!" while  mocking how far the illuminati go telling openly to the cattle how they are fooled,

2009: Rigged Megamillions and Euromillions lotteries & apes are 99% human hoax: SAME basic TRICK

Forums: --- --

Did you take a basic statistics course? Then here is your chance to write History (LOTTERY - MEGA MILLIONS and EUROMILLIONS)

What are the odds of winning the MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot?
Did you take a basic statistics course? Then you know that you only need to multiply a few times to get the answer: 1 in 175,711,536.

What are the odds of a MEGA MILLIONS or EuroMillions Jackpot rollover n times in a row?

What were the odds of the $390 million Jackpot, shared by the "Georgia truck driver" and "somebody else"?
Or in other words: what are the odds of an Advertised Annuity Jackpot of $XXX million, which
- required a jackpot rollover n times in a row, and
- had for each of those n draws an effective sales volume of Vn?

All the parameters are known, i.e.
- the odds of winning the MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot: 1 in 176 million;
- the price for each bet;
- the official sales history, draw after draw, until the record Advertised Annuity Jackpot of $390 million.Note that for this calculation you don't even have to know the distribution of the revenue from those bets, in particular which percent goes to the jackpot.

So it should be peanuts for you to calculate what are the odds that the Jackpot could reach that sum, i.e. that week after week nobody got the right combination.
Besides having to multiply a few times, the only additional thing is to use a statistical distribution function that reflects lottery bets, say the Poisson distribution.

It was never as easy to enter History - all you need is to input data into the calculator
Matt Marriott claims that this computation alone immediately proves that MEGA MILLIONS is rigged (the same for Euromillions, where the maximum number of weeks of a jackpot rollover, i.e. a draw without a jackpot winner, happened several times in the last two years), i.e. that what he explained in 2004 as first and a couple of years later also as only one, really happens each week:
- a combination Cx that nobody did is picked up from the computer database that stores all the bets,
- after which a video tape is produced with background music suggesting continuity,
- while in fact that video tape is an assemblage of cuts suggesting that the balls for Cx are being drawn.

So here is your chance to enter History by being the first to prove Matt Marriott wrong. Prove that our Lotteries are not rigged! Go for it!

We at the State Lottery can't give you a jackpot, but you can count on as many X dollars as those 1 in X odds! Be another lucky "Georgia truck driver"!

This just in:
From: the Illuminati
To: Our End Times Prophet
Subject: Include
Since this is your first article that does not mention us, please append this to it:

We, at the Illuminati pyramid, strongly support this message from the State Lottery.
Do the computation and enter History by being the first to prove Matt Marriott wrong. Prove that End Times Reductionism and all that blah blah about total brainwash and total control is not science!
Prove that we don't exist! Go for it!

In Forums

December 16, 2004

Government Jackpot Lottery Fraud - exposed first time by Matt Marriott, Nov. 23, 2004

November 23, 2004, as I exposed "Juan Rodriguez", incredibly I also realised, by looking in the web, that there was NOT ONE page that explains the underlying mechanism of fraud: how the goverment takes the big jackpots - till the last cent.
Although there are probably more than one billion people playing lottery around the world, one simple trick explains why all major lotteries in Illuminatziland are now rigged. The only major  exception is El Gordo in Spain,with public and not computerized drawings, thanks to tradition of the last 190 years, with children from the same school drawing the balls live in front of a large audience.

I had never checked the web before to see if there was a page exposing it, because I was 99% sure that it was the case.
Once again I underestimated the current degree of brain wash ...

The specialists were also not able or willing to use the hints to find the trick:
State lottery - government fraud exposed, January*6,*2005

The two tricks - the right numbers and the "winners" - are explained in the link I gave in that thread, the same given above:
-- archive

The right jackpot numbers
The key is, like for the core lie of 9/11, computers. From page 1:
Congratulations. You took the right path for the first step of the fraud.

Step 1 - After the computer scanned all the paper, all combinations choosen are known.
The hints for Steps 2 and 3 are given in page 3. Again the only reason why people don't realise it, is, like with CNN and the inserted plane, the failure to understand that ALL mass media is controlled by the same people:
"Check the similarities with another great hoax - how the government made people believe that two airliners impacted the WTC towers.
And keep in mind that this hoax is staged weekly, and as I pointed out before, it is still shown "live" on TV, in some countries..."
Step 2 - Using previously recorded thousands of cuts of each ball exiting the tubes, a video sequence is quickly put together, for a combination that NOBODY selected. Background music suggests it is uninterrupted.
Step 3 - the video tape is broadcasted in TV as "live" drawings.

The "winners"
The "winners" - are explained in the first post of page 2:
Of course part of staging the fraud includes from times to times giving a face to a jackpot winner.
Since the media is totally controlled by the goverment, there is no risk that the "winner" will be exposed as an actor.
The "story" of "Juan Rodríguez" ($149 Million Lottery Winner Had Just 78 Cents in Bank) is the ultimate example to show that the government can tell ANYTHING about the "winner".

Referenced in:
BIG LIE technique - verifiability - Einstein's genius and computerized state lottery drawings


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