Rigged state lotteries alone prove that the illuminati TOTALLY control government, "opposition" and media in the US and EU

March 8, 2007

Did you take a basic statistics course? Then here is your chance to write History (LOTTERY - MEGA MILLIONS and EUROMILLIONS)

What are the odds of winning the MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot?
Did you take a basic statistics course? Then you know that you only need to multiply a few times to get the answer: 1 in 175,711,536.

What are the odds of a MEGA MILLIONS or EuroMillions Jackpot rollover n times in a row?

What were the odds of the $390 million Jackpot, shared by the "Georgia truck driver" and "somebody else"?
Or in other words: what are the odds of an Advertised Annuity Jackpot of $XXX million, which
- required a jackpot rollover n times in a row, and
- had for each of those n draws an effective sales volume of Vn?

All the parameters are known, i.e.
- the odds of winning the MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot: 1 in 176 million;
- the price for each bet;
- the official sales history, draw after draw, until the record Advertised Annuity Jackpot of $390 million.Note that for this calculation you don't even have to know the distribution of the revenue from those bets, in particular which percent goes to the jackpot.

So it should be peanuts for you to calculate what are the odds that the Jackpot could reach that sum, i.e. that week after week nobody got the right combination.
Besides having to multiply a few times, the only additional thing is to use a statistical distribution function that reflects lottery bets, say the Poisson distribution.

It was never as easy to enter History - all you need is to input data into the calculator
Matt Marriott claims that this computation alone immediately proves that MEGA MILLIONS is rigged (the same for Euromillions, where the maximum number of weeks of a jackpot rollover, i.e. a draw without a jackpot winner, happened several times in the last two years), i.e. that what he explained in 2004 as first and a couple of years later also as only one, really happens each week:
- a combination Cx that nobody did is picked up from the computer database that stores all the bets,
- after which a video tape is produced with background music suggesting continuity,
- while in fact that video tape is an assemblage of cuts suggesting that the balls for Cx are being drawn.

So here is your chance to enter History by being the first to prove Matt Marriott wrong. Prove that our Lotteries are not rigged! Go for it!

We at the State Lottery can't give you a jackpot, but you can count on as many X dollars as those 1 in X odds! Be another lucky "Georgia truck driver"!

This just in:
From: the Illuminati
To: Our End Times Prophet
Subject: Include
Since this is your first article that does not mention us, please append this to it:

We, at the Illuminati pyramid, strongly support this message from the State Lottery.
Do the computation and enter History by being the first to prove Matt Marriott wrong. Prove that End Times Reductionism and all that blah blah about total brainwash and total control is not science!
Prove that we don't exist! Go for it!

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